SCAN: Big-data lab for the research of Social Content & Networks

Head of Lab: Osnat (Ossi) Mokryn

At our lab we develop and employ models to research online human footprints. We study big data gathered from user generated content (online reviews and other social media) and evolving social and complex networks, utilizing machine learning, statistical, quantitative, and visualization tools.

This is an era of a User Generated Content (UGC) revolution. People are voicing and sharing opinions and experiences.  In my lab, we research this collective voice of the crowd and study their experience, mood, and choices. We model and create digital emotional signatures of experiences; personalized digital textual  signatures of the contributors; and activity maps for sites. 

The structure and dynamics of interactions between people have always fascinated me. How do they change and evolve in time? React to external shocks, or events? Understanding the mechanisms that govern interactions is fundamental to our ability to predict and interpret our social, political, and economical organizations. 

Our lab is sponsored by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), The Israeli  ministry of Science and Technology, and several industry partners. We employ a committed group of researchers, pursuing their PhD and Master degrees, and have openings for full time post-doc and doctoral students.